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 06.15.20 EDITORS NOTE: The Dynamo is a Student news organization dedicated to bringing Mount Union student and the Alliance community unbiased news. Everything posted in the following story is factual information collected from the Alliance Police Department and the Stark County Criminal Justice Information Systems. All information was already public. 

06.15.20 EDITORS NOTE: The suspects name was taken out. The Dynamo had no ill intentions in the original post.


ALLIANCE, OHIO- Police arrested an Alliance man on May 13th in connection to a November 21, 2019 break-in and another incident occurring on December 20, 2019. The suspect was arrested in pursuance of an April 24th warrant and charged with one felony count of Grand Theft and one misdemeanor count of Criminal Trespassing. The suspect posted bail of $2,500.00 on May 14. His case is currently pending before a grand jury in Stark County. He has not been indicted. The suspects attorney, Jeffery Jakmides, and the Stark County Prosecutor’s office declined to comment, citing the ongoing nature of the matter. 


On the morning of November 22 2019, members of Raider Student Media entered the radio station facilities of WRMU 91.1 on the campus of the University of Mount Union to find that a door to an equipment closet had been broken into and high quality equipment had been taken. 


This is a developing story. Please make sure to check back periodically for further updates. 

Brady Pierce helped contribute to this story. 

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