Townhouse parking lot

Students around campus awoke Monday morning to some surprising and unfortunate news. In many residential areas (along Union Avenue), many students found the contents of their vehicles in various states of disarray, some even reported items stolen. Mount Union Campus Security and the Alliance Police Department could be seen around campus seeing to all the incidents. 

As of the middle of the afternoon Monday, Campus Security has received reports of around ten break-ins. The culprit(s) is also still at large. What is slightly strange is that many students were confident that their vehicles were locked overnight, yet there have yet to be any reported incidents of broken windows. A running theory is that a special tool was used to open windows without causing damage, but that theory has yet to be confirmed. Campus Security and the Alliance Police Department are hard at work tracking down the stolen items.

If you know or see anything related to this incident, you can contact Campus Security at (330) 428-1344 and the police at (330) 821-9140. The Dynamo will also keep you updated as new information is brought to light, so continue checking back regularly.  

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