“Grow every day,” Pete Fierle, chief of staff & senior vice president of communications for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, stated to a group of Mount Union Sport Business students Thursday morning. 

The grey-haired Fierle has been employed with the Hall of Fame for 30 years. The passion he has for the organization can be seen through the glasses he wears and heard through his stern voice, as it has only seemed to grow during his tenure with the establishmentHis dry sense of humor and inspiring tone makes him an esteemed public-speaker while also being extremely knowledgeable about the game of football along with its lifelong teachings.  

Currently, the Hall of Fame is undergoing a massive expansion. “It will be the Disneyland of Football,” says Fierle regarding the new Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village. “This will make a one-night stay turn into a three- or four-day stay.” With state-of-the-art technology and designs being incorporated into what is already the spectacle of professional football, this massive project is what is making Fierle the most excited for the future. 

Fierle calls the Pro Football Hall of Fame, “The Most Inspiring Place on Earth! because of its message of unity and equality for all. This country has become more divided than everHaving a team sport such as football that allows all of its fans to rally around makes it one of the most unifying facets of popular culture that the United States has to offer, and with the #HuddleUpAmerica campaign that launched in 2017, the Hall of Fame is putting forth its best effort to bring America closer together. 

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is more than just its title suggests. It is an attraction, a home of legendary athletes, and most importantly, a family that all lives by the same mission statement: honor the heroes of the game, preserve its history, promote its values, and celebrate excellence everywhere. Pete Fierle is a true believer of this message. 

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