Throwback Thursday by Wil

This article was originally published in The Dynamo on March 5, 1999. 

Anyone who hasn’t listened to WRMU, Mount Union’s own radio station, lately wouldn’t be able to tell you the great changes that have been made. 

At WRMU, located at 91.1 on the FM dial, reconstruction has been going on for the last three years. Changes include many new CDs, and not just jazz. The station has been receiving many alternative and hip hop CDs for the late night DJs to play. 

On Monday nights, listeners can enjoy the latest in hip-hop and R&B spun by fly DJs B-Jae and Kim from 8 to 10, Kevin D. from 10 to 12, and Monique from 12 to 2. 

Tuesdays from 10 to 12, you can hear Ronnie Fingers hip-hop and R&B mix followed by Karie G. with her own special mix from 12 to 2. 

On Wednesdays, Doug and Crew rock the house with their own unique alternative mix from 10 to 12. Jamie and Brad follow with a head-pounding heavy metal mix from midnight to 2. 

Thursdays, you can mellow out with Jonathan and Shelly’s Top 40 hits from 10 to 12. Jill is next in the line-up with her rock selections from 12 to 2. 

Join Ryan K. for the weekend party on Friday nights when he plays your favorite heavy metal hits from 10 to 12. Christa and Emily shut down the station with their own variety of show from 12 to 2. 

Start your week out right on Sunday from 8 to 10 with Christian Rock with Mike MC. From 10 to 12 it’s Kristy and Stephanie with rock. End your evening with Joe Mac and John J’s rock hits from 12 to 1. 

In addition to the new and improved music for night DJs, there have also been many more contests. Recently, Carnation Cinema has been giving WRMU many promotional items such as t-shirts and CDs for giveaways by the hip-hop and rock DJs. 

Take a listen to WRMU 91.1, the place for the coolest music and prizes that you can win without dialing your off-campus phone access code. 

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