Ohio Governor Mike DeWine emphasized taking the COVID-19 pandemic more seriously than ever before.  

During DeWine’s weekly COVID-19 address to the state, he mentioned the possibility of reverting back to state-wide shutdown come next week if cases continue to rise.  

As of Thursday, Ohio has continued its month-long streak of consistently breaking all-time high COVID-19 case reportings and is showing no sign of slowing down. Currently sitting at over 274 thousand cases, speculation has grown as to whether or not Ohio will be forced back into the dark days of early COVID-19 with mass shutdowns of businesses, schools and the disturbance of a some-what normal society. While DeWine alluded to this possibility, the University of Mount Union prepared a campus-wide email that also reinforced its position on the pandemic.  

As you plan your activities for the coming days and weekends, please keep in mind that quarantine and isolation procedures remain a critical part of our COVID-19 initiatives,” the email states. “Should you find yourself in quarantine or isolation prior to the end of the semester on November 24, you will be required to remain in quarantine or isolation until you are released by the Alliance City Health Department, even if that period of time exceeds the end of the semester and the Thanksgiving holiday.” 

The email then went on to mention how crucial it is to continue to wear a mask in public, maintaining social distance and maintaining personal hygiene. This caution was followed by a list of behaviors that puts Mount Union’s students and faculty at risk for contracting COVID-19 with actions such as visiting or hosting those who are not part of the Mount Union community, attending or hosting gatherings, leaving and returning to campus and interacting with others while sick.  

With the next state-wide address not occurring until Wednesday of next week, it is unclear what the university’s plans will be if DeWine decides to shut the state down. In the case of a state-wide shutdown, there will be six days until students are expected to leave for winter break.  

Check back regularly for COVID-19 updates and stories alike.

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