Greek Week: The Musical

ALLIANCE, OH – Everyone’s favorite time in the semester is back again, Greek Week! As the week starts up all of the competing chapters are ready for some fierce competition. 

Greek week is performed every Fall semester where all four fraternities and sororities are paired up to see who the best dynamic duo can be! This year's pairings are as follows: 


A∆Π – ΣAE 


∆ΣT – ΣN 

Every day of the week the chapters battle to see who the winner for the year can be. There is a point system and a set of points assigned for each day and event. During Monday through Thursday, each team can receive up to 4 points, but no less than one point. The decider of the point value is their performance in that day’s event. On Friday, each team can receive up to 10 points according to how they perform at Song Fest. 

Song Fest is a series of four songs that each chapter choreographs and performs in front of an audience. This year’s theme for songs is Musicals! The pairing for musicals to chapters is as follows: 

AXΩ – ΦKT: Greece 

A∆Π – ΣAE: Hairspray 

AΞD – ATO: The Greatest Showman 

∆ΣT – ΣN: The Newsies 

All the chapters put in a lot of hard work into this week. So as the week goes on and the events take place, happy competing and good luck!

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