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The organization, Raider Student Media, is one available to and for all students of the campus community to engage in the world of multimedia. 


The Dynamo is notable for delivering the timely stories of students that are rich with content. The radio station, 91.1 WRMU sings during every hour of the day with hit songs and entertaining shows. In their own ways, they are distinct to the university with their renowned structure.  

However, these two segments are like branches, connected to a whole tree of tradition – Raider Student Media. 

The organization includes both The Dynamo and 91.1 WRMU, alongside several other facets that allow students to creatively express themselves in the media. Among these is the one-of-a-kind Studio M account on YouTube. Here, Raider directors and staff members create content pertaining to original short films, music via the Raider Record Room series, and even weekly sports podcasts among other subjects 

As of right now, the team of Raider Student Media (also know as “RSM”) consists of three academic advisors, a general manager, and ten directors, alongside a growing staff consisting of the student body. A little-known fact about the programRSM, is that it is available to all students across all majors, the more the merrier for our organization community. If you are interested in being part of the staff, please contact the General Manager, Vinny Camma at 

The world is evolving more with every day, and the media continues to be a huge part of daily life; Students here at Raider Student Media are vividly involved in the rapidly growing multimedia universe, that is truly, like the three musketeers say, all for one and one for all.  


Be sure to follow RSM on our main social media accounts: 


Twitter: rsm_umu 

Facebook: Raider Student Media 

Instagram: raiderstudentmedia 

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