rpb- trivia night

ALLIANCE, OH – Last Wednesday evening students were treated with a night of fun, courtesy of the Raider Programming Board (RPB). Campus Grounds was taken over by RPB where students listened to great music while they formed their teams and got in some last-minute cramming in before trivia started. Teams were also treated with soft pretzel bites and a topping bar, which were a huge hit among the participants.

Logan McGee was at the mic reading off the rules as the teams grabbed their first answer sheet. The first round was general knowledge, a nice easy start that allowed the teams to get warmed-up for the next six rounds of trivia. After that, the rounds got more and more challenging, and laughter kept erupting from the teams as they were getting more and more creative with their answers.

Round 5 came along fast and the teams became serious. There were prizes on the line: B&B gift cards for each member of the winning team. Teams were scrambling trying to come up with the correct answers, it was clear everyone had a lot of motivation to win. Once round 7 came around some teams clearly became more confident in their abilities. It was surprising that no one pre-ordered their buffalo chicken quesadilla from the B&B in anticipation of receiving the winning gift card.

Logan McGee was announcing the final scores in reverse order and the participants were getting closer to the edges of their seats as he announced the third-place team. Then, Logan stuttered over his words when he was about to announce the second-place team, he stopped himself. Silence came over the room as he said, “It looks like we have a tie for first”. There needed to be an eighth round to settle on a winner. Tensions were high.

After eight grueling rounds of trivia, a few too many servings of soft pretzel bites, and countless incorrect answers RPB was finally able to determine a winner. The B&B gift cards were distributed and with smiles on their faces and it can only be assumed that several buffalo chicken quesadillas and fruit smoothies were ordered by those winners.

If you want to hear about more events put on by the Raider Programming Board, follow them on Twitter and Instagram @mountRPB.


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