In the wild world of 2020, it still feels like drastic changes are happening every day. Be it new research, new recommendations or new guidelines, each day presents something different.

The University of Mount Union put out a reopening plan for the fall semester during the summer that included numerous policy changes around campus. One of those changes was that buildings would have designated one-way entrance and exits. Prior to the start of classes, signs were visible on doors to pretty much every major building throughout campus saying either “Entrance Only” or “Exit Only.” A good walk around the university was needed to figure out which doors you could use to get into the buildings you needed to.With all the work that must have gone into planning which doors would serve as entrances and exits and making all the signs, it was a bit of a surprise when an email was sent out just three days before classes started stating that this method of traffic would be discontinued for every building except the Kresge Dining Commons and the MAAC.

The university wrote that their decision came after consultation with the Alliance City Health Department. The entrance and exit signs on the doors were all quickly replaced with “ATTENTION” signs that told anyone entering buildings to keep 6 feet apart, wear a face covering and to regularly wash or sanitize their hands. 

There are some mixed feelings around campus about this sudden change, both from students and faculty. All those asked about these changes will remain anonymous. 

Some students are glad that they no longer must extend their travel time just so they can find the right doors, while others were willing to accept the inconvenience in the name of safety. More skeptical students pointed out how the traffic policy would not have worked anyway, since stubborn students or those in a hurry would just go through whichever door they needed to. One faculty member was OK with the original door policy laid out over the summer, saying that it couldn’t hurt anyone too much to have to walk a little bit further. With it being 2020, nothing can ever be simple, not even doors. With all the thoughts listed above, it is important to note that they are all just opinions. It is important to leave decisions like these up to those that are much more knowledgeable about the situation than us college students.

Stay safe, Mount Union. 

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