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ALLIANCE, OH - Alliance police and campus security are investigating the theft of more than $10,000 of camera equipment from the communication department and Raider Student Media in HPCC after thieves broke into an equipment storage room. 

This event most likely occurred late into the night on Nov. 21 or during the early morning hours of Nov. 22. An investigation is still ongoing.

“Honestly, I feel hurt that someone would go after our organization,” said Vinny Camma, program director of Raider Student Media. “We are just trying to be the voice of the students; therefore, the theft is more than just equipment, rather it’s a theft of the student’s opportunity to grow and learn.”

This situation affects not only the University as a whole, but also the Raider Student Media organization. RSM relies on this equipment to further the education of students on campus, as well as create wonderful content that is seen by individuals and professionals on and off campus. Furthermore, the loss of this equipment also affects Integrated Media majors, who use this equipment to further their study within their major.

“It seems clear to me that this person knew what they were doing,” said Dr. Leni Cooper, co-faculty adviser to Raider Student Media and chair of the department of communication. “They took very specific equipment and left some of the lower priced cameras on the shelf. Whoever took these cameras came here with the intention of stealing our most valuable equipment. I have to say, this feels kind of personal; I feel that we do so much for our students; therefore, if this turns out to be one of our majors or someone within the organization, I will be disappointed.” 

If you have any information or any leads that may be helpful for us to help figure out the situation, please contact us at (330)-823-3788 or at Information can also be submitted to the Alliance Police Department or Campus Security.

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