A day off of classes, going into the second week of classes you’d imagine college students would sleep in. Although this is the furthest thing from the truth.

This Martin Luther King Day, Mount Union students defied the odds and spent their day off volunteering. In fact, five hundred and twenty-five volunteers doing twenty service projects all before noon! From tie blankets, to tearing out cabinets the diverse culture of Mount Union came together to support Dr. King’s one dream, service and unity.

Although this standard of service and acceptance couldn’t be accomplished without the Mount Union community members who make it possible. This year Lester Sanders was able to be honored by our campus for his involvement and contribution to Dr. King’s movement. Starting off this incredible ceremony was the vocal styles of, Sing for Your Supper Youth Group. As this young group’s music hit the crowd and set the tone for what would be an incredible evening.

With speaker’s, including Mr. Sanders himself, the night was filled with words that could inspire anyone to want to advocate for minorities. The moral of this entire two-hour presentation, and this three hour service opportunity were to remind us why we get off class on that Monday every year, for Dr. King.

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