The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. There have been many people that have lost their jobs and loved ones. However, through it all, slowly but surely everything began to “open up.” Or so we thought at least. COVID-19 cases have been soaring upwards and it seems as if a second wave is definitely ahead. According to this article, “there were 8 deaths this past Sunday alone” (WFMJ.) In addition, “Hospitalizations increased by 189 over a 24-hour period” (WFMJ.) Even with these jaw dropping stats, there are some people that still insist on not wearing a mask. It’s sad to say that a task as simple as wearing a face mask has turned more into a political statement rather than the overall health of everyday Americans. As stated in the article “two compelling case reports also suggest that masks can prevent transmission in high-risk scenarios” (UCSF.)  The Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine, even issued a “three week overnight curfew” starting this Thursday. Those that choose to not follow this curfew can face a $750 fine and possible charges against them. Even though it is uncertain what the university of Mount Union will do (since they haven’t announced anything yet), I am sure they will proceed with much caution. 








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