Channing Frye

Channing Frye probably doesn’t deserve the same retirement tour as Dwayne Wade, but Cleveland made sure to say good bye in style Sunday. Kevin Love had on his Frye #45 Arizona jersey as a warm up and the crowd cheered as Frye accepted a painting of himself, Love, and their friend Richard Jefferson. Channing only spent four years in Cleveland, but we love him.

The Cavaliers acquired Channing Frye at the 2016 trade deadline Cleveland parted with fan favorite and 11 year veteran, Anderson Varejao. The Cavs had just snagged a 6’9 three pointer shoot for a championship run, three years later we all know they got much more.

As long as Lebron is here, the Cavs are expected to compete for a title. Channing Frye came to Cleveland and paired with his “Older brother” that recruited him to Arizona back in college, Richard Jefferson. The two friends formed a pivotal bond with star Kevin Love as the three brought fun and life to a stressed situation. Soon “Road Tripping” came about causing Channing and Richard to become podcast stars. Channing was leaving his mark, even with no sign of how long be would be here. The Cavs won a title in 2016 and Frye was immortalized in Cleveland.

Frye re-signed with Cleveland for the post Kyrie era and kept the same upbeat personality into the stressful 2017-2018 season. This was until the Cavs traded Frye along with Isiah Thomas to bring in youth for a playoff run. The Cleveland run was over, kind of.

In the off season Frye looked at three things, retirement, signing back in L.A., or back to Cleveland. The veteran made an honest move and returned to mentor the young team for one more year. Mid-season Frye revealed on Instagram that this season was his last. Good times, good basketball, and a title is how Channing Frye will be remembered in Cleveland.

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