Zion Williamson

Zion Williamson is the no brainer first overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Zion has become a household name, wait, is he? I decided to ask the non-sports fans within the Mount Union radio meeting if they know who Zion is.

The question: There is one consensus #1 overall pick for this upcoming NBA draft, do you know his name?

Carly Federico-Senior-Japanese Major

“I don’t know any college players. I guess I have no choice but to answer, so my guess is Kyrie Irving”

Travis Wylie-Senior-Japanese Major

“I have no idea who is who in basketball. I’m picking a college player? If I have to guess I say Skylar Johnson?”

Sam Fronsman-Sophomore-Integrated Media Major

“I don’t know, no idea. If I have to pick a name I choose Joe Smith”

Fallon Schwab-Davis-Former Integrated Media Major

“first college player in the draft? Lets go Jackson. Is that a person?”

Maybe Zion is Williamson isn’t as common a name as most thought. Either way the Duke product will be going #1. Looks like Zion just made four new fans.

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