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Kevin Love has spent every year of his career with the Cavaliers fighting trade rumors. Despite the rumorsthe five-time all-star has earned himself both a championship and a fresh contract extension during his time in Cleveland. Now, as the Cavs begin to struggle, national sports media outlets wasted no time reporting that both Love and the Cavaliers have interest in parting ways.  

Love has been a part of some wild trade rumors. These rumors began after it appeared that Love and LeBron James couldn’t get along. After Love’s first season in Cleveland the rumor began that Love would be swapped for James’ friend, Carmelo Anthony. Later in the Cavs big three era, Love was a key piece in a trade that would have brought Paul George to Cleveland. Finally, this past offseason began the rumors that Love would fit well in a trade with his hometown Blazers. Love’s place with the Cavs has never been secure. 

Right now, as Love is averaging around 15 points and 10 rebounds, teams will come calling. Love is from Portland, and the Blazers are desperate to not waste their window. Denver needs a second scoring star and has had eyes on Love since trying to be a part of a Cavs three team deal for Love. The Suns have all the right assets and may have a lust to take their new-found success to another level. It’s reasonable to assume there is a market for Love. 

It’s always been hard to tell how serious Kevin Love trade rumors are. Love signed a five-year extension last summer, so the Cavs seemed interested in keeping the final part of their championship big three. Love himself, has spoken highly of Cleveland, the front office, and the rebuild project. Despite positive signs of Love staying, the Cavs are bad, and Love isn’t proving his value on the court. Signs point to Love wanting out of the losing team, and the Cavs need to get what they can while Love’s value isn’t ruined. Cleveland has every fan’s nightmaretime and options. Love Is under contract for three more years after the 2019-2020 campaign, so the Cavaliers have no reason to feel the heat of Love leaving. This means fans will see a Love trade when the front office is good and ready. 

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