All Northeast Inland District Selection

The Ohio Prep Sportswriters Association has finally unveiled the 2020 All-Northeast Inland District teams. The Northeast Inland District is comprised of schools from Summit, Portage, Medina, Wayne, Stark, Trumbull, Columbiana, Ashland, and Mahoning counties.  

In Division I, Stow, Jackson, and Canton McKinley all were represented on the All-District team. Stow’s selections included receiver Dalen Stovall (1st team), offensive lineman Mason Mennell (1st team), offensive lineman Van Shyjka (1st team), defensive back Clayton Mosher (1st team), Owen Bainbridge (honorable mention), Zach Phillips (honorable mention) and Teddy Gregory (honorable mention). Jackson was represented by running back Brenden Craig (1st team), linebacker Brett Blauner (1st team), defensive back Johnny Kulich (1st team), DJ Harris (honorable mention) and Griff McKinney (honorable mention). Canton McKinley’s selections included offensive lineman Stefan Monahan (1st team), quarterback Elijah Wesley (1st team), linebacker Mani Powell (1st team/co-defensive player of the year), defensive back Jonah Lytle (1st team), defensive back Nehemiah Stovall (1st team), Brian Pinkney (honorable mention) and Harold Fannin (honorable mention).  

In Division II, Massillon Washington, Perry, Hoover, Lake, and Green were all represented. Massillon Washington had the following players selected: receiver Jayden Ballard (1st team), receiver Andrew Wilson-Lamp (1st team), offensive lineman Terrence Rankl (1st team), running back Willtrell Hartson (1st team), defensive lineman Mike Miller (1st team), defensive lineman Caiden Woullard (1st team), linebacker Jaiden Wise (1st team/co-defensive player of the year), defensive back Martavien Johnson (1st team), punter Magnus Haines (1st team), offensive lineman John Kouth (2nd team), linebacker Xavier Andrews (2nd team), Zach Catrone (honorable mention), Michael Billman (honorable mention) and Jumacius Portis (honorable mention). Perry was represented by offensive lineman Anthony Brumbaugh (1st team), running back Josh Lemon (1st team/co-offensive player of the year), linebacker Cayman Williams (1st team), defensive back Devonte Armstrong (1st team), defensive lineman Anthony Jones (2nd team), linebacker Dominic Vinas (2nd team), Samuel Thompson (honorable mention) and Owen Wengerd (honorable mention). North Canton Hoover HS had the following players selected: receiver Brock Henne  (1st team), quarterback Connor Ashby (1st team), linebacker Ryan Prusinowski (1st team), offensive lineman Alec Lehman (2nd team), running back Drew Robinson (2nd team), Ben DeGuzman (honorable mention) and Zander Bugara (honorable mention). The Lake Blue Streaks were represented by linebacker Nick Maricocchi (1st team), receiver Carson Miller (1st team), Bryce Snow (honorable mention), Jacob Sturmi (honorable mention) and Anthony Infantino (honorable mention). Green had a trio of players selected: receiver Trey Martin (1st team), Trevor Van Horn (honorable mention) and Quinn Simmer (honorable mention). 

Alliance, Marlington, and Louisville all had at least two players selected in Division III. Alliance was represented by quarterback Brandon Alexander (1st team), linebacker Braidyn Hartsoe (1st team) and running back Kayden Davis (2nd team). Receiver Rome Sims (2nd team) and running back Nolan Hooker (2nd team) were Marlington’s selections. Finally, Louisville had defensive back Dan Kennedy (2nd team), Josh Stafford (honorable mention) and Zack Seamen (honorable mention).  

In Division IV, the trio of West Branch, Canton South, and Salem all were represented. Canton South’s selections were defensive lineman Trent Chavers (1st team), Nick Stauffer (honorable mention) and Sha’mar Blackmon (honorable mention). The Salem Quakers were represented by offensive lineman Carson Stockman (1st team), receiver Blaize Exline (2nd team), quarterback Jackson Johnson (2nd team) and Jax Booth (honorable mention). The West Branch Warriors, fresh off winning the Eastern Buckeye Conference this past season, were well represented. West Branch’s selections included: receiver Nick Wilson (1st team), running back Alek Wilson (1st team), quarterback Brock Hillyer (1st team/co-offensive player of the year), linebacker Brock Smith (1st team), defensive back David McKeivier (1st team), Steven Marra (honorable mention) and head coach Ken Harris was named the co-coach of the year for the district in Division IV.  

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