As a student at Mount Union its easy to think of Chives as just a place you might check out on a Saturday night. That’s fair, there is a DJ and a solid atmosphere at Chives pretty much every Saturday, but did you know that they’re open 7 days a week? Well, they are, and its actually not a bad place to go grab some food.

Before I get into the deals, I need to warn you that at some point in the night you must be 21 or older to enter, but during the day you are safe to go in and dine. Their prices change every month so I won’t go too detailed into their pricing, but I will say what the special is.

Monday is Wing Night, and they’re wings are pretty darn good. There is a solid list of sauces to choose from, but my personal favorite is Johnny’s Awesome Sauce. It’s a hotter sauce, so if that isn’t your thing plenty of milder options like Honey Mustard and Bourbon Sauce.

The next deal worth mentioning is $5.50 sandwich day, which is on Wednesday. There are 22 items under the sandwich menu. So, whether you want a steak burger, a bacon-cheese burger, a Rueben, a sub or a hot dog you will find something, and for cheap.

Thursday is home to two great deals. They have their pizza specials, and I believe you can get a medium pizza for about five bucks. I got one for free once, but I was just in the right place at the right time. The other deal is a 21+ deal only. It’s mug night! Thursday nights Chives brings in the DJ and you can bring in any size mug and they will fill it with beer for $2. That’s just insane and is usually a pretty popular night for students.

Saturday is home to what I think is the most underrated deal in Alliance. Dollar burgers. If you go to Chives between 1 and 4pm you can get a burger for literally one dollar. These burgers are not the same as the normal menu burgers, a little less quality, but for a dollar it’s hard to complain. You can also get their sirloin steak and fries for $8.99 which I’ve been told is a great deal as well.

There it is, those are the deals I felt like needed to be highlighted. There are multiple food and drink deals every day at Chives though, so definitely check them out. Definitely a place you should consider going to a little more often.

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