Pizza Hut

Picture this: Its Sunday, you and your friends haven’t gotten off the couch all day. The fifth SNL rerun is on and you guys NEED food. No one has the capacity to make food. It’s Sunday. You’re tired. You’re probably procrastinating homework. The last thing you want to do is break out the pots and pans and cook a whole meal.  

I found myself in this exact predicament on Sunday and let me tell you there is one hell of a solution to this problem: Pizza Hut’s Dinner Box. I was skeptical of this solution when my friend mentioned it. I mean its ten dollars, it comes with a medium pizza, five gigantic breadsticks, ten (yes TEN) cinnamon sticks and its delivered so I don’t have to get off the couch. I just thought that there was no way we could get all that food for ten bucks and have it taste good and fill all three of us up. I thought wrong.  

This box filled me up. This box filled my friend up. This box filled my OTHER friend up. This box made me happy. This box was only ten dollars. As we forced ourselves to eat the last cinnamon sticks, I was nothing but impressed, and so full that it hurt. I mean to feed three college kids for that cheap, it’s a no brainer. Buy that dinner box. I even bet you could even get a fourth person in on that box, making it $2.50 each. That’s incredible.  

If you haven’t ordered your dinner box yet use the link here.  

If you still haven’t ordered your dinner box yet, know that I don’t work for Pizza Hut, I never have worked for Pizza Hut, and this is not an ad. This was written out of sheer passionate love for the Pizza Hut Dinner Box and I just want to share that with the three people that read my Dynamo articles.  

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