Moooo! Was that a cow you just saw, or was it a personCow impersonation is a strange hobby in the United States. Some people simply practice their moo” sound, while some go as far as dressing like their bovine companions. 

Wisconsin holds “Moo-la-palooza” every year just for the cow-fanatics. People of all ages gather to watch and participate in the competition. There are four different categories that the participants are judged on. These categories include humor, style, originality and realism.  The contestants don’t just mimic cows; instead, they come up with their very own moo. 

Why do people moo? Some people do it for fun, but the “Moo-la-palooza” competition is to raise money for Wisconsin 4-H Youth Foundation. While there is no charge for contestants, Cousin Subs makes donations for moos. So far, they have raised over $13,000. The winner gets a trophy of a cow-bell. 

While there are simple hobbies like knitting and singing, there are unusual ones too. So, next time you hear a moo, it might not be a normal cow. 

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