Soap Carving

There are many relaxing hobbies that people tend to do to calm their nerves. These hobbies have often been described as satisfying.  

One hobby that I found last semester was soap carving. I came upon this during the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. My group was assigned to make laundry soap. The process included using cheese graters and knives to shred the bars of soap. After that, you would mix it with chemicals to make powder soap. 

 One of the girls decided to take a break and use the time to carve into the soap. Several minutes later,  she had presented both a cat and a teddy bear. She was able to go into great detail on her carvings. I decided to attempt to construct a masterpiece as well. Although it did not turn out as well as I hoped, it was a good stress reliever.  

Videos of soap carving have become more popular recently. A lot of people enjoy the sound that soap makes when it is being cut. Soap carving is only one out of a plethora of other unique hobbies that fascinate people. Whatever hobbies you are interested in—no matter how strange—always show them off with pride. 

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