The Dangerous Summer

“Way Down” by the Dangerous Summer

Guttural. Raw. Heavy. Gritty. Enjoyably Noisy.

These are the words that come to mind when you hear the latest single released by Maryland based Pop Punk Rock trio The Dangerous Summer. “Way Down” is the second single off their upcoming album Mother Nature, set to release towards the tail end of their North American Tour on June 14th.

“Way Down” wastes no time getting, for lack of a better phrase and for the sake of the pun, down and dirty. AJ Perdomo’s gritty, distorted vocals pair well with the heavily reverberating drum kit and the crunchy chaos of the guitars. His raw, unedited voice is on full display, but it takes on more than just the role of singing words. Perdomo’s voice melts into the rest of the song and almost becomes its own instrument.

Lyrically, the song talks about the nomadic nature of being a professional touring musician. It talks about the stereotypical parts of being a small touring band, from practically living in your car to wanting to experience the very extremes of life. The song even goes as far as to talk abut how sometimes the singer would prefer death over all the pressure.

If the band’s two last singles,“Where Were You When the Sky Opened Up” and “Way Down”, are any indication of what is in store for us on Mother Nature, we are in for a dynamic and roller coaster of a record this summer. If you haven’t heard it yet, I encourage you to go get down to “Way Down” by The Dangerous Summer.

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