In the film “Thor”, Marvel Studios succeeds once again in creating an opening story for Asgardian leader, Thor. The mixture of action and a little bit of romance helps create another excellent film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The day Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is being named the next king by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins), some Frost Giants find there way into Odin’s vault, which causes Thor to erupt and take into his own hands to start a war. Odin then finds out of the situation and sends Thor to earth and he cannot return until he proves himself. Through this he meets three scientists, including Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) whom he strikes a liking for. Meanwhile, in Asgard Loki is now the king and he is plotting a plan to make him look like a hero in a very corrupt way, and the only chance at stopping him is in the hands of Thor.

The cast for this film was phenomenal and after seeing Chris Hemsworth play Thor in this film, it is impossible to find any other person that would have been better for the role. With the combination of great acting, his intense voice, and his physique he is the perfect cast for the lead role. Tom Hiddleston also did very well playing his not so nice brother, Loki. He looks almost identical to the comic version which makes it that much better. The rest of the cast is phenomenal as well, contributing to a great film.

Overall, this film does not have many flaws, but there is abundance of positives. This includes the overall structure and plot, and even the twists throughout. Spoilers are no fun so the twists will be left out of this, but multiple fight scenes that do not lack greatness help make this a great film. Another aspect of this movie that was amazing was the ongoing secret love between Jane Foster and Thor, that you want to see happen throughout the whole movie. In my opinion, the best scene in this film was when there was disagreement between brothers Loki and Thor, and it leads to a great fight scene that takes the cake from every other fight scene in the film.

A film that is great for action junkies and fans of superhero films. It is also family friendly, coming in at PG-13 it incorporates both action and a little romance and comedy that makes it enjoyable for a family to watch.


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