59th Grammy Awards

LOS ANGELES, CA — Music’s biggest night was held at the Staples Center on Sunday the 12th.  This year was a monumental year for those who were nominated, introducing new rules about what types of projects can be submitted.  As of this year, projects that were released for free and independently are eligible for consideration by the Grammy voting committee, this includes mixtapes.  There is one artist that is behind this movement because of his highly praised release of his third mixtape, Coloring Book (released exclusively on Apple Music), and that is Chicago’s very own, Chance the Rapper.

Chance even wrote lines in his mixtape about how his music is so good there is no way they won’t have him at the Grammy’s.  Chance ended up winning three awards last night: Best Rap Performance for “No Problem (feat. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne)”, Best New Artist, and Best Rap Album.  Chance was up against some hefty competition and he came out on top.  It was really incredible to see how genuine and humble he was about his winnings.  The Grammy’s have never seen an independent artist come out on top like that in its 58 years before, and it doesn’t stop there.  Since this new ruling that includes artists like Chance, there is already a new rule set for next years awards that will allow submissions of projects released on the website Soundcloud.  This is all thanks to Chance the Rapper.  He is single handedly changing the industry and what it means to be a successful recording artist.

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