Everyone loves a good sandwich. Maybe you enjoy the cheesiness of a Philadelphia Cheesesteak or the crunch of a BLT. Some of us like the spices that go in an Italian or the greasy goodness of a classic Pizza sub. Whether you like a simple Ham and Swiss or the endless possibilities of a Create-Your-Own sandwich, I think we can all agree that the first sight of a warm sandwich is like hitting the jackpot, unless you aren’t the one who gets to take a biteIf you are the one fumbling to cut the bread, burning yourself on the hot grill, and accidentally putting the wrong toppings on the sub, seeing a sandwich can be far from beautiful. If you haven’t put two pieces of white or multi-grain bread together yet, I am the one who spent their summer behind a sandwich counter.  

For many of us, what was supposed to be a relaxing spring break quickly turned in to one of those movies where you relive the same day over and over again. Because of Corona we were isolated to our homes. For the first few weeks finishing the semester online kept us busy but after a few weeks I felt lazy and bored. I couldn’t help but wonder, “is this what retirement feels like?” While being lost in thought I understood that when I’m retired I will (hopefully) have money in the bank, unlike college me. My reflecting thoughts quickly helped me realize I no longer have a job. At school I was able to work a few hours at three different jobs throughout the week that I loved. I truly enjoyed working and making money was a perk, but when I found out I wouldn’t be returning to school until the fall, fear filled my wallet. How could I afford to pay for school if I no longer have a jobSure, my university jobs weren’t paying off my student loans, but every little bit of money earned helped 

Not only were we living in a Pandemic and still are, I started to worry more and more about money. I applied to different jobs but no one called me back, I was starting to give up until my best friend asked me if I wanted to work with her in a sandwich shop where she had been working for almost two years. At firstI laughed and thought she was kidding, but when I realized she was serious I was hesitant. One, I did not want to work in food, I have heard the horror stories and two, I have seen best friends relationships get stripped apart by working together. I thought about it for a few days and told her I wanted the job. I needed the money and I wanted to get out of the house.  

So sometime in April I began working at Penn Station with my best friend in the middle of a Pandemic. Because of the Coronavirus I hadn’t seen her in months and had we not worked together, I likely still wouldn’t have seen her. Though we were looking at each other while wearing mayonnaise covered mask we were still together, and I got paid to see my best friend every day. So, I can’t really complain that my summer was spent-masks on- cutting bread, grilling meat and veggies, and topping sandwiches to perfection.  

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