Well folks, Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Stores have put away their giant paper hearts and set up giant paper four-leaf clovers.  

Ads have replaced Reese’s Hearts with Reese’s Eggs. And yet, snow still falls to the earth whether we want it to or not.  

Between you and me, I do not. Once Valentine’s Day is over, winter immediately becomes yesterday’s news. We see one store shelf with St. Patrick’s Day decor and we are filled with a strange anxiety, a restlessness that only intensifies when we exit the store only to see that it is still 20 degrees and snowing outside. 

This year’s winter seems particularly harsh, especially in Texas. After experiencing below-freezing temperatures, the power went out in millions of homes on the morning of February 15th and remains out now. If you at home are wondering if this is a normal occurrence, please remember that this is Texas, the fourth warmest state in the U.S. climate change, am I right? 

But I digress. I am sure I speak for many students out there when I say that I am over winter by this point. I am over having to put on layer upon layer before I go out and my toes turning purple from the cold. And especially checking the weather only to see dismal temperatures for the entire week. Spring, please hurry it up. We miss you. 


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