Natural History Museum

I went to the natural history museum and I was not sure what to expect. My girlfriend Taylor is a big history bug and is in love with the idea of what the past was like when things were not so internet based.

We went on a Thursday morning and students were still in school so there was about 15 people there and we were two of them. Meaning, there was nobody getting in our way of some sculptures or exhibits and it was a lot nicer to be there with limited amount of people.

The most interesting thing to me was the outdoor exhibit. We saw coyotes, raccoons, falcons, eagles and all of these animals that are not always out for people to see. I saw a bucket of dead rats being tossed to a family of falcons and almost puked when they went in head first, but I do not need to talk about that. 

Continuing, we went into the space exhibit that was filled with large sculptures of the planets and a real diamond and ruby and so fourth and so on. It was cool to read about things that I never thought I would be interested in.

Stereotypically, people do not think of college basketball players, who own a business that do not know anything about history and failed the subject for their entire life to actually enjoy a visit to a history museum.

However, I was entertained for all 4 hours of my time. If you get the chance to go to the Cleveland Natural History Museum, find a history bug and take them with you. It is a peaceful time to learn about history and bring yourself to the past.

P.S. go on a weekday in the morning. 

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