Fantasy Football

I love Fantasy football. In fact, I often find myself in more than one league every year. I have been playing fantasy football for going on five or six years now. I keep up with the NFL and with my beloved but beleaguered Cleveland Browns. I dislike the Pittsburgh Steelers, but know that we have a common hatred for the Baltimore Ravens. But just how popular is fantasy football?

Well, during the 2014 season, the game totaled well over 41 million players. Furthermore, the NFL’s revenue is roughly $9.5 billion, while fantasy football is valued at well over $11 Billion.

Moral of the story is, millions of people, including myself, love football and fantasy football.

And in Week Four I almost lost to my mom.

Yep, that’s right. I almost lost to my mother at fantasy football...

See, my mom, Anita Camma, and I are involved in our Patterson/Camma Family fantasy football league. We started it about three or four years ago, and my mom is going into her third season.

Her team, The Screaming Armadillos, has been consistently middle of the pack the last two years. I’m not making that up, her team is actually the Screaming Armadillos and she even has a logo for it. This year has been different. My mom came out of the gate strong and was in first place for the first three weeks. At first, I was really proud of my mom. She had learned how the game worked and had gotten pretty good at it. It was then I realized that I was supposed to play my mom in Week Four, and that I need to actually do well to beat my mother. I ended up winning and my mom and I talked smack the whole weekend. In the end, she was happy to just be having fun.

“It’s fun to watch your guys every week. There’s a lot of strategy and guess work that goes into it every week, so when one of your players has a big day, it’s not only exciting, but you feel like a genie.” Camma said.

Our family league has grown from the original eight players to almost double its size. Our 14-team league has both my Mom’s and Dad’s side of the family. My brother, Larry, is our commissioner this year, and unfortunately, has been having a rough season. He currently sits a 0-5, yet to notch a win in the league. Usually he is a contender, but he has been off to slow start.

My dad is the fantasy football expert. He has been playing fantasy football for well over 10-15 years. He is always a crown contender and was the brains behind having a massive family league. My dad is in the hunt this year, currently sitting at third.

Will I hold on and win my league this year? Will my mom recover after her Week Four loss to my team, the Mean Machine? Will Larry get a single win this year and get out of the basement, or will he make like the 2017 Browns and go winless? Only time will tell.


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