Vinny Camma

Vinny Camma, senior at Mount Union and General Manager of Raider Student Media, loves working, learning, and building skills within the RSM studio 


Camma has been with Raider Student Media for most of his four years at Mount Union. He began in his freshman year, when a friend convinced him to come into the studio to record some of his music. From there, Camma began attending RSM meetings, hosting radio shows, helping with video projects for the YouTube channel, Studio M, and writing for the dynamo. One of his news stories broke the record for number of views at the time, and sparked his love for writing, and for being fully committed to the program.  


He then changed his major to Integrated Media with a minor in Business Administration, and got involved with leadership positions in the organization, working his way up to the head, General Manager.  


That’s the best way to do it, is to say, ‘you know what, I’m going to get involved, even if it’s in this one piece,’ and then you will find out that you love either something else more or other things in addition to that… it sucks you in in the absolute best way,” Camma said.  


While Camma is one of the many Integrated Media members that associates with the program, he stresses the fact that RSM is for all individuals, despite their major.  


Our current R91 director is an engineering major,” Camma said.  “We have sports business majors, business majors, music education majors, theatre majors. As much as I would love to say‘oh this is a great organization if you’re an Integrated Media major, this is a great organization if you’re any major. Because you’re going to find some aspect that you love. 


There is something for everyone in Raider Student Media. Whether one is just getting started or has a life-long passion for the media, there are a plethora of new skills to be learned with the program. 


That’s what I love about RSM, you can come in here not knowing anything, and over the course of four years, you will learn more than you ever thought you could learn,” Camma said. “Logan McGee, who is the guy that brought me into RSM, told me one day, ‘Listen, of all the classes that you’ll take at Mount, RSM will hands down be the best one.’ And I can say with certainty that I have learned more from this organization, then I’ll probably learn from any one individual class… especially in the Integrated Media field. It’s like a class that you’ll enjoy taking the whole semester, and at the end you realize ‘oh, I made some friends along the way.” 


The General Manager encourages all who are interested to get involved with Raider Student Media, and he suggests that the dynamo is an excellent place to get started.  


Get involved with the dynamo, write a story or two, come to a couple of meetings,” Camma said. “We’re not exclusive. Anybody from any major can be a part of this organization and can even be a leader in this organization. It’s for everybody, so if you have an interest, come join. I think the dynamo is a great place to get started, because if you’re interested about a topic and you want to write about it, you can write a story about anything. It’s a great starting place for anyone that wants to get involved. 


Camma is also a member of the Purple Raider Marching Band as a sousaphone section leader, Kappa Kappa Psi, the band fraternity, and the fraternity, Sigma Nu. It is not always easy juggling academics with leadership roles and extracurriculars. However, the General Manager says that it is all worth it in the end.  


It’s so hard, and sometimes things slip, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world,” Camma said, “I love everything that I do and I can’t imagine walking away from any of it. It’s just a matter of assigning your priorities at different times.”   


While Camma may be graduating this coming May, he hopes to be able to continue watching all of the organizations that he took part in grow, especially Raider Student Media.  


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