When Mount Union announced the return to campus, I was both excited and skeptical. On one hand, I was ready to be in person for my classes and return to some form of normal. On the other hand, I wasn’t sure that it was safe for us to return. In the last few weeks of summer I felt optimistic. I saw a lot of my fellow students advocating for safety. Posting about wearing your masks, social distancing and avoiding large groups. I felt as though we as students were going to do our best to remain on campus. But as time went on, I witnessed the efforts falter.  

 Within the first few weeks on campus, I noticed that a lot of the same people who were advocating on social media for a safe return to campus were ignoring their own advice. I’ve seen people having large group hangouts with people they don’t live with, going to restaurants in large groups and maybe even a party or two. While I understand the appeal of returning to normal, that’s not an option at the moment.  


A few days ago it was announced the Stark was a red level county. We need to be more vigilant now more than ever so that the numbers can go down and we aren’t deprived of the in person experience. We are adults and we need to focus on doing better. We as students need to hold ourselves accountable or else we face shutdown once again. 

 I don’t want to be sent home and I’m sure many of you don’t want to either. In order to ensure this can happen, we need to follow safety procedures. So while the allure of hanging out with your friends or going to a party might be strong, please try to refrain. It’s not easy but it can be accomplished. 

 So remember, wear your mask, social distance and please don’t hang out in large groups. 

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