When it comes to holidays, the star of the food-centered show is undeniably Thanksgiving. For most people, this is a day filled with football, family and food. From the big dinner itself, to the dessert after and even to the leftovers the next day, everyone has the dishes they love. What are the most beloved dishes of Thanksgiving, though? Three polls were sent out to the student body to figure out the top favorites on campus. Take a look and do not forget to look for your favorite.  

The favorite casserole poll had a big four with number one being cheesy mashed potato casserole. This can be made with gold potatoes but red potatoes have the consensus of making a creamier casserole. A thick topping of any type of cheese is probably what raised this to the fan favorite and some even top with bacon for an extra delicious kick. Second place is awarded to a Thanksgiving classic-green bean casserole. The crunchy fried onion topping is a great contrast to the creamy texture of the beans. A strong third is sweet potato casserole followed closely by corn casserole. Both orange dishes racked up nearly twenty percent of the votes. An honorable mention goes to chicken casserole and cheeseball casserole. No matter if your favorite casserole comes in a circular dish or a rectangular glass one it is sure to be a delicious bake.  

On the dessert side of things, there was a much closer race for what is the overall favorite. Taking a surprising first is apple pie with a close second being pumpkin pie. There just seems to be something about a tin filled with pastry dough and a sweet filling that students love about Thanksgiving. A surprising addition which was not originally on the poll is a pumpkin cheesecake roll. Cheesecake is an all time favorite for most of the winter holidays and putting that filling inside a tasty pumpkin cake and rolling it all together puts a festive autumn twist on this fan favorite. Coming in fourth with a broader answer is cookies. Although there was no specificity of the type of cookies, it can be assumed some of those favorites include chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, pumpkin and decorated sugar cookies. Some individual favorites were pecan pie, zucchini bread and angel food cake. Every family has their own traditions and bring their own flair to every dish and treat such as making their own brown sugar with molasses to control how dark the sugar is. These small tricks make sure that each dessert is 100% tasty and that 100% of the mouths filled are going home happy.  

The last question on the poll asks what the favorite main dish of the campus is. Blowing away the rest of the competition with over 50% of the vote is mashed potatoes. Some like to mash by hand, some like to whip up the boxed kind, whichever it is, this starchy friend is the most agreed on Thanksgiving food from the campus. Second place is awarded to stuffing. Consequently, the Alliance Aldi has a display for multiple kinds of stuffing mix currently including pork, traditional turkey and vegetarian herb mix. If you are looking to start your feast a little early you might want to swing by. A most surprising third place is awarded to turkey. While normally the star of the show, turkey seemed to lack luster on campus. After these big three there were a lot of individual favorite dishes such as cornbread, mac n’ cheese, biscuits and roasted carrots.  

Just looking through these yummy options is enough to make the stomach growl for an early dinner. From the classics to the unique dishes, no matter what you pile onto your plate this Thanksgiving we hope you have a safe, sweet and savory holiday break! 

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