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At the end of October, an article titled, “Mount Union has no Identity” was published. Since then, students have voiced their opinions on social media, heavily opposing the bold claim. I decided to take matters into my own hands by respectfully disagreeing with the original article and writing my own. So, here is why Mount Union absolutely HAS identity. 

Once you step foot onto Mount Union’s campus, there is one thing that is glaringly evident: the color purple. Not only are most students sporting the color, but the signs, light post banners, classroom walls, library accents, campus radio station furniture, website and even our outdoor basketball court are all coated in the color purple. We bleed purple here, and you cannot escape it. There are few other schools with an addiction to one color as strong as Mount Union is to purple. 

But purple is just one aspect of our identity. 

To me, Mount Union is about togetherness. We, the students, are what make this University great. There are few other universities the size of Mount Union that have student bodies that can unite like ours. Attendance at our campus events is nothing short of astonishing. Our football tailgates and student section rival those belonging to smaller Division 1 schools. The other sports aren’t forgotten either. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, swimming and even Esports are all teams whose games I have attended with my friends. And we weren’t alone in the crowd. Greek Week was a few weeks ago. I’m personally not in Greek life, but I attended the Greek Sing event to support some friends. When I arrived at Brush Performance Hall, I was greeted with a full crowd, standing room only. Everyone had come together to support their friends as they sang and danced to represent their sororities and fraternities. Before Greek Week was Homecoming Week. At my off-campus house alone I had ten alumni and former students stay over to attend that weekend’s events. I had never seen so many people excited to be back and representing the Purple Raiders. 

Mount Union has always listened to its students. Surveys are constantly being sent out to evaluate how campus life is going. A few years ago, the student body even got to vote on what furniture was going to be added to the new third-floor study area in KHIC. Major announcements are sent out to students in a timely matter. They are posted on social media platforms and sent to student emails to ensure they are seen; in some cases, this happens multiple times. By the way, email is the main form of communication the university uses, how else should they notify you? A carrier pigeon or something?  

Mount Union has an identity, and it’s dripping in purple and brought together by the student body. So, BE a Purple Raider, BE Together, BE Mount Union. 


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EDITOR'S NOTE: The Dynamo accepts and publishes opinion pieces from any and all students and majors. Student opinion pieces do not reflect the views of The University of Mount Union, Raider Student Media or its advisors. We encourage you to submit your own opinion piece if you feel strongly about an issue on campus. Counter points to this article can be submitted online and once reviewed will be published as well. Opinion pieces should not contain personal attacks and language should be within our shared community standards. 

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