My name is Tyler da Silva and I am a junior at Mount Union, a double majoring in both Sports Business and Integrated Media. I have not been seen around the campus or the Alliance area since last semester. Before the semester started, my parents and I were very concerned about going back to Alliance due to COVID-19. This pandemic has affected all families in some way shape or form across the globe. The obstacles that my family and I faced were traveling (since we live out of state), my health concerns (since I am on the high risk side), my elderly aunt's health risk (since she lives with us) and various other reasons. Although I wanted to, I was debating on not going to school this semester. However-thanks to the university, I was able to take my classes completely remote.

The semester has just ended and I want to reflect and talk about how taking online classes were this semester. For starters, the whole idea of online learning sounds great but it is a lot harder than I initially thought it would be. In class, I can belt out a question if I have one or my raised hand would not go unnoticed. That was not the case for this semester. Whenever I had a question, I had to type out an email and wait for a response which took much longer than face-to-face classes would. Zoom classes would repeatedly lag out on me as well which caused me to miss key information that my professors were distributing. This ultimately later led to my internet crashing. This just added to the whole remote experience. I do not necessarily feel like I am in college since I have been taking my classes online. Looking back, I have not been home this long since high school. It also does not help that my friends at school keep jokingly calling me a “college drop-out” since I am not there on campus. 


Luckily, I have awesome professors and a great university that were able to work with me and work with me during these stressful times. With this semester over, I can confidently say that if I have to revert to online classes next semester, I will be a pro.  

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