Cleveland Indians

The eighth annual Tribe Fest took place this past Saturday at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, and yet again, it was a successful day of celebrating the local baseball teams upcoming season. With thousands of fans and more than 30 players, alumni and coaches in attendance, this was a day full of fun, celebration and memories. 

For just $10, you could receive a ticket to the general session, and you had access to many fun activities, such as batting cages and pitch speed stations. You also could check out the interviews with players and coaches on the mainstage and visit the booths around the venue. Tribe Fest provided the opportunity for fans to meet their idols, who will take the field this upcoming season for the Cleveland Indians. 

If you were willing to spend a little extra, you could attend the autograph sessions for just $30 per session. There, you could receive autographs from at least three players on the roster. If you were willing to pay $75 for a session, you could receive autographs from two all-stars on the roster. There were also opportunities for photos with players. 

 If you are a parent, this was a great opportunity for your children to meet some great baseball players and enjoy a multitude of activities that are family-oriented, such as playing catch with some of the players, racing Indians speedster Greg Allen and doing goat yoga with all-star Jose Ramirez.  

As a first-time attendee of the annual event, I recommend any fan of the Tribe to participate in the upcoming festivities next year for a day full of fun. I received more than fifteen autographs and was able to pose for a picture with two of my favorite Indians players. I will participate in next year's festivities again. 

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