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The Revolution will be Televised

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Posted: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 8:00 am

The Revolution will be Televised. It will be on your streets, in your homes, and on your iPhones.

As technology evolves so does communication. With the invention of phones we made it so that everyone was right next to you. With the invention of television, we made it so that you can record memories or see them live as they're happening, and with the invention of the internet, we allowed people who would never meet each other to form communities that can be from ten to ten million.

With the rise of the internet, there is also the rise of the minority. There is no other time then the present where people have become more connected then all of human history. With this power of connection, people have found each other and formed groups that we never thought they would form before. These groups forming from ideologies that before they never would have in the past.

You know their names, Anti-Fa, Alt-Right, Fascist, Neo Communist, Anarcho Communism, Anarcho Capitalist. With the rise of these groups and so many others we have seen the rise of force begin to be normalized. With this we enter Charlottesville.

Charlottesville should have been an eye opener for everyone. With a single protest we see not only the radical left, but also the radical right come out and fight in the streets of America. With casualties on both sides. Now neither sides ideologies were correct, but what we must say is that there were protesters on both sides who did wrong. Now there were protesters who were there to protest the white supremacist, which is a noble cause that I support, but there were also people there who were there to fight white supremacist. Political violence, in any form is what kills a democratic system. Which is why the Anti-Fascist are themselves, a fascist organization. 

For those not in the loop Anti-Fa, also known as the Black Block, is an organization with the express purpose of fighting Fascism. They are mainly known for being a general nuisance and most the time act more terrorist than actually anything else. Not only has Anti-Fa members attacked innocent people which we saw at Berkeley when they attacked Trump protesters, or Germany during the G20 summit where Anti-Fa attacked police much like how a gorilla organization would fight. Now they might be the biggest player but they are not the only ones. Black Lives Matters has evolved past their mission statement becoming much more a mob that will riot, not protest, to get their way. We say this when they went through the streets chanting they want dead cops, or when they openly attacked people for their skin color. We even see this in the rise of Fourth and Third wave feminism. Where their ideologue Anita Sarkeesian, Fracessica Ramzey, and Riley Dennis have either called for our allowed the conversation of violence against someone based on their gender or race to be entertained.

The left is not only guilty of this. While it is uncommon we have begun to see a resurgence of far right wing movements. Not only are fascist purely rising up, we are also seeing a rise in the amount of white supremacist. With people like Richard Spencer becoming a very popular right wing talker. We have already seen this happen in Europe along with in Asia where there has been a rise in the amount of right wing parties elected.

The true problem is how little we hear of these political movements from the major media outlets. When it comes to speaking about our current presidency major news media is all too happy to talk about it, but when it comes to talking about radical political movements that will affect the American public they fail to mention it.

With the rise of the iPhone, this has changed. With the border of entry to become a journalist having its bar lowered we will see this revolution unfold. While the men in the high towers fail to talk about it we will see the revolution be televised.

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