Snowball fight

The older you get, the more you start to hate winter. The Cold, The Ice, TheSnow. But it has not always been this way. If you were born and raised in the Northern parts of the world, odds are you have experienced one of the true joys of elementary school: the Coveted snow day. No school, no obligations, just you and your friends bundling up, grabbing sleds, making snowballs, building snow forts, playing snow football, ice skating, on and on.  

But Like I said, when we age, all the fun goes away for some reason. Its not the snow, the snow is the same, it is science, it cannot change what it is. So that means that at some point, we stopped going out to play in the snow. Well, I am here to tell you that I think now more than ever, we should play in the snow again. 


  1. Playing in the Snow is nostalgic: Odds are, you played in the snow with family, friends, pets or all of the above. Getting out into that vast sea of white flakes will undoubtedly remind you of happy times (Or maybe the unhappy time you slipped and fell in the driveway, or your brother pelted you in the face with a snowball, or the time you went hiking with your dad and brother in the Metroparks and lost your boot after falling into a puddle that had iced over). Memories of times with much less stress and far less assignments will surely be overtaking you as you enjoy chucking balls of frozen water at your roommate, partly as payback for the team that they used your peanut butter without asking. 



  1. Playing in the Snow will Reduce Your Stress: I challenge you, go outside and build a snowman. I am willing to bet that you will struggle to frown while building a snowman. You will most likely encounter someone who decides to bring up the infamous song from frozen Do You Want To Build a Snow Man?. Go ahead, punch the snowman out of frustration that someone got that song stuck in your head. Then continue finishing that snowman. Print out a copy of that assignment that is really grinding your gears. Attach it to your snowman. Taking 20 steps back, charge and tackle your snowman. But only your snowman. It is a jerk move to tackle someone elses snowman, especially if your brother spent a lot of time building it. 



  1. No One is Too Cool” to play in the snow: Nah man, thats stupid” are the words of an individual who is unable to handle the sheer joy of getting blasted with a round ball of snow. Seriously, if you think playing in the snow is somehow beneath you, I weep for the childs spirit inside you. It Does not have to be a snowball fight, go out and grab a sled, or some cafeteria trays and find a good hill (Raider Student Media does not advocate stealing trays from AVI to sled with. We are not even convinced it works; we just saw it on twitter. Seriously, do not take their trays, that is not cool man). Climb up to the top of the hill and become speed as you rocket down the slope to experience the thrill of the zoom. Or go to Clevelands skiing and snowboarding destination, Boston Mills/Brandywine, if that is more your style. Either way, make sure there is nothing dangerous you might careen into at the bottom of the slope and do not aim for other people's legs. You are a human, not a missile. 



  1. Sometimes the Snow is Romantic: Ice Skating, Snow angels, writing messages outside your Significant others Window: all things I have yet to do with my Girlfriend. But hey, maybe you are a better partner than me and you will take your special someone out to do these fun winter activities. Many romantic movies are set in the winter for a reason, because, as they say, it is the most wonderful time of the year.  



  1. Maybe it is your first time seeing snow: Maybe you woke up one day and said to yourself What is all this white stuff on the ground?. Well, freshman from Florida, Welcome to winters in Ohio, where the water freezes for a few months out of the year. Ask your roommate who is probably an Alliance local to take you outside and show you the ropes of fun in the snow. Ask for things like snowball fights, Skiing, Sledding and other fun winter activities. But be warned, If your roomie triple dog dares you to lick the light pole, do not do it.  

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