Kobe Bryant 'Through the Years'

Kobe Bryant’s death last week left the world shocked and confused. Now, as many start to feel the reality of the legend's death set in, an entire life is on display. A tragedy like this has allowed the basketball world to reflect and tell stories as the world continues to mournThe following pieces of content involving Kobe continue to inspire me and others alike.  

The Lowe Post Podcast: Ramona Shelburne and Rachel Nichols 

ESPN NBA Writer Zach Lowe welcomed in colleagues for a discussion about a legend just after his passing. Ramona Shelburne worked with the Los Angeles Daily News from 2002-2009 before working at ESPNRachel Nichols has been around sports since the 90’s and now has become the face of ESPN’S The Jump. Zach Lowes is a basketball nerd turned successful NBA writer and podcast host. All three had stories to tell and felt they had a connection to Kobe. The podcast ran an hour and taught a key lesson: Kobe Bryant was different by the time his career ended.  

The Full 48 Podcast: J.A. Adande 

Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck welcomed in Northwestern Sports Journalism Director, J.A. Adande. Both are former L.A. writers, Beck for the Los Angeles Daily News and Adande for the L.A. Times. The two swapped their stories on Kobe. This is a nice reminder of when beat writers played key roles in sports coverage. Today’s media hold so many outlets that being local isn’t as valued. Both men enjoyed telling stories while not quite believing the events that have occurred. 

Vince Carter Post-Game Interview 

Vince Carter entered his 24th NBA season this year. He joined the league only a couple years after Kobe. Carter and the Hawks played on the day of Bryant’s death, and the credited NBA veteran was of course asked to speak on the tragedy. From everything said, Kobe didn’t have relationships in the NBA. Writers and former players have detailed that Kobe was so driven that he couldn’t build relationships. The idea of being close to other players and the next generation came second to being at the top of his gameCarter told a story about Kobe speaking to him before his retirement in 2016. Tears came as Carter explained that while Bryant might not have had meaningful relationships, he did have meaningful things to say. 

Kobe Doin’ Work 

Spike Lee captured a night with Kobe Brant back in the 2007-2008 NBA season. After Bryant was filmed for an entire gameday, he later went back and added commentary. This was a true insight into the mind of a basketball legend. Kobe answered questions and gave comments about both pre- game in-game decisions, as well as much more.  

The Last Season by Phil Jackson 

The 2004 season was the end of the Kobe/Shaq Lakers. As the team broke up, coach Phil Jackson wrote a book detailing the last hoorah that ended in a finals loss. Kobe isn’t shown in a good light here. The feud with Shaq paints Kobe worse, and the book takes place during an ugly sexual assault trial. I think the book shows the man’s growth from 2004. While the world knew a different man in the end, this time in Kobe Bryant’s life was important in shaping the rest of it. 

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