College Radio Day

Allliance OH- 91.1 WRMU, the radio affiliate of Mount Union’s Raider Student Media organization, will participate in the annual College Radio Day on Friday, October 5. The day is meant to showcase college radio stations on campuses across the nation. This year, 91.1 WRMU will be participating in the festivities as well as giving out promotional items in front of the station, located in the Hoover Price Campus Center across from the student success services offices.  

If you are looking for some free food, keep an eye on WRMU’s social media accounts to find out where the station will pop up on campus with free snacks! The station will be setting up shop in different spots across campus to dole out some delicious treats, and the only way to know where to go is by following WRMU on social Media, so go and follow those treats on Friday by following 91.1 WRMU on social Media! 

As part of College Radio Day, the station will be running special programing during the day, highlighting the many R91 shows that students typically air during the week. In addition to their regularly scheduled shows, Some R91 shows will do a daytime, College Radio Day special on Friday. Those shows include Ben Brochied’s “Rock Revival” from 2-3, Alex Arbogast and Mac Gilbert’s “Baller’s Paradise” from 3-4, and Mac Gilbert’s “Country Roads” from 5-6. Make sure to tune in during the day to support college radio day and 91.1 WRMU!

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