Cars Cars and Coffee Scottsdale. My first one. Will I beat this combo? I think not

Did you know that one in five college students will total their car between their freshman and senior year of college? Well neither did I... until I totaled my 2007 Honda Accord about a month ago! Hi, this is Jarrod Mullen, and I am here to tell how not to stress when buying a car.  

 When I found out I needed to buy a new car, my stress levels went through the roof. How am I going to get work? How am I going to buy groceries? How am I going to get home?  So, the first step is to take a breath! Taking a breath and focusing on the problem in the first five minutes is going to help you figure out some potential solutions.  

 The second step is to look for cheap car dealerships in the area. You are not going to find any success at major car dealerships. The alternative is to go through a private seller such as someone from Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace (fun fact: I found my car on Marketplace). Once you determine where you want to look, you’re going to feel a lot better because you will see options, and having options helps you release stress.  

 The third step is to test drive the car. Once you find a car, test drive it. Test driving, first and foremost, gets you used to the car. It also lets you see what the car has to offer. When this happens, its going to relax you.  

 The fourth step is to do steps one through three again. Yes, you read that correctly. Do it again. Odds are, the first car you try wont be the car you buy (I tried five cars before I bought one). Youre going to want to cry, but you’re not going to die. And yes, it rhymes.  But relax, itll all be fine 

 Sooner or later, you’re going to buy a car, and you’re going to like it. And then, life will be back to normal.  

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