AXO- Driving Out Domestic Violence

Alpha Chi Omega sisters "driving out domestic violence" at the annual golf outing. Sisters listed left to right: Corbin Hershberger, Emily Brian, Mallory Marco, and Leanne Novak

ALLIANCE, OH – Alpha Chi Omega hosted their second annual “Driving Out Domestic Violence” golf outing this past Sunday at Tannenhauf Golf Club, just in time for the first day of Domestic Violence Awareness month in October. 

In 1992, the Alpha Chi Omega National Convention marked Domestic Violence Awareness as their national philanthropy. With the Alpha Eta chapter’s philanthropy being the Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter, they are supporting not only their national philanthropy, but those close to home. 

Rachel Markle, the Vice President of Philanthropy for Alpha Chi, was the head of the event. Starting her planning in late spring, the event holds a special place in her heart. 

“I started planning the golf outing last spring by setting a date with Tannenhauf because we have to book ahead for the course and then I slowly started to work on sponsorships throughout the summer and fall,” she said, “The best thing for me was being able to involve numerous different aspects of our community with the different businesses, families, and friends. It’s so great to see everyone come together for a special cause that means so much to us, as well as those receiving the proceeds.” 

Many sisters of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, as well as many members of the community are willing to do anything to help the cause, including the participation in events such as these. 

“This is an amazing event for Alpha Chi Omega because we get to have sisters out there volunteering, as well as raising thousands of dollars to go directly to the Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter that we love so much,” said Markle, “This year we were able to donate around $3000, making it the most successful philanthropy event we have had in the past few years. It’s super special to us that we were able to do something like that for them.” 

Alongside the support of the families, alumni, as well as the other fraternities and sororities on campus, the event this year was proven to be a great success. With many years to come, the sorority hopes to continue to grow their outreach, as well as spreading their message of love and support to those that they love.

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