As most would say, Alliance is a college town. Mount Union’s culture is very widespread, even when students leave campus. Many community members come to Mount Union sporting events including football and basketball games to support Mount Union. Students return the favor by going out into the community looking for stuff to do. Over the past few years, shops have been taking advantage of the student community. Here are some good hangout places in Alliance for Mount Union students 


  1. Esso Coffee: Esso Coffee is a little coffee and tea shop on Union avenue, right across the street from the Welcome Center. Esso coffee offers homemade coffee, tea and little treats for students to take a break, relax and enjoy the classical music played in the shop. Esso Coffee also can be the perfect study location. You can take advantage of the quiet classical music in either of the two open, yet different, table rooms where you can set up your laptop and just get right to work. Esso Coffee is definitely a place to check out!  


  1. Bob Evans: Most college students don't eat breakfast; however, for a weekend morning when you wake up hungry and are not sure what to do, Bob Evans has you covered! Bob Evans is a nice restaurant to sit back, relax and enjoy a good breakfast themed meal. It’s a good hangout spot for friends to relax, enjoy some good conversation and, in my opinion, drink some good hot coco. Prices are comparable to those you would find in a normal sit-down restaurant, so it is friendly to college student budgets. 


  1. Starbucks: Starbucks is another good coffee shop in Alliance. The Starbucks here in Alliance offers the same feel that any other location would offer. This includes quiet music, good iced or hot coffee and an overall peaceful vibe to it. These traits make the Alliance Starbucks an ideal study location.  


I’m sure there are other places worth noting, but these three locations are where I spend the majority of my time. I find myself able to both relax and get work done there. Hence, I want to share the peaceful vibes to alleviate some of the stress of school. Check them all out, and get back to Raider Student Media about your thoughts!  

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