As we approach the glorious sunny days ahead, I wonder if it ever occurred to us how it just may snow in May!  

 Ironically, this is Ohio and we do live in an unpredictable climate in unprecedented times. Touché to Alan Woods when he said,  

 “If you don't like the weather in southern Ohio, just wait fifteen minutes!!!" 

 Today, now today is a bright day. I woke up and the sun said hello! I did not need to wear a coat, I did not need my boots, I did not need to worry. The sun sat on my skin and I let it pierce right through, so I did not need that bronzer or a blusher. Days like today give us a glimmer of hope and peace and lets us wear shorts the whole day long. Days like this give us the inspiration to move forward as best as we can when exams are being lined up the whole week through. When I look back to the beginning of the semester, it makes me wonder, like really wonder, how on earth did time go by this fast? When I first started classes, I opened my diary and flipped through the empty pages, sometimes taking them in bulk, and ask myself,  

 Will I ever make it to May?” 

 And here I am.  

 Final week into exams have never quite been the journey we anticipate. But I stay positive and shuffle my two feet forward, I continue to smile through my mask and I am praying really hard that the electricity wipes out on this night just before the exam. Hooray but nay! Now, I have to stop procrastinating and to stay positive. I have to drive myself forward and reassure myself that I have already done the hard work, so this should just be a positive step forward. Sometimes, though, we just get caught up with this rush of uncertain adrenalin that fuels our minds and moves this unique power within in. Then all of a sudden, I hear myself say, 

 “Bah humbug!”  

 To the Professors who inspired us, rocked our world with knowledge, opened the doors to new beginnings, showered us with wisdom and showed us the world of opportunities, KUDOS! It amazes me how in times like this, I run out of words to define how I feel. How strange that I cannot find that perfect word to replace the words thank you, or at least to enforce my gratitude to my teachers. So, I write from my growing soul to each one of you who has touched my life with knowledge and to every other Professor who continues to shower students with their wisdom. I do believe that knowledge grows, it cultivates from a passing, a handover from one to another and it never stops. 

 May this summer inspire us all to continue to learn, to continue to empower ourselves and despite the setbacks that we may face from these current exceptional times of the pandemic, we must go forward with an open heart and a courageous mind. While the weather gives us the suns glorious rays of hope, we will still be bestowed with showers of blessings that may pour often and maybe the fresh clarity of snow could prevail again in our statebut summer has once again arrived. We have 45,000 square miles of geography in Ohio, so for heaven’s sake enjoy this summer with full force! 

 Till we meet again in the Fall! 


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