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With the spring semester beginning here at Mount Union, there is one question on a plethora of students’ minds.  

So, when does Spring Break begin? Well, in light of COVID-19 protocol and its ever-changing nature, the University of Mount Union has decided to get rid of the typical week of break in early March in lieu of “Spring Relax Days”. 

These days will be scattered throughout the semester and according to the University of Mount Union’s Reopening Information guide, these relaxation days  

will allow students and faculty to take breaks periodically throughout the semester.” The guide continues, “The semester will end a week earlier than previously planned, with classes concluding on April 28, 2021 and final exams taking place beginning the evening of April 29, 2021 through May 5, 2021.”  

The Dynamo reached out to several students around campus to ask if they feel that this trade-off is beneficial toward them. Olivia Andrew, assistant resident director of Ketcham Hall, mentions she would prefer to have a normal Spring Break, stating, 

“Especially with the residence life side of things we’ve seen last semester and mental health concerns-and that was a short semester.” Olivia continues, “So I can only imagine how people’s mental health will be affected with the normal length semester, still with strict COVID-19 policies along with guest policies. And no break.” 

Junior Bryan Johnson mentioned a common fear that has been heard amongst students in regard to these “Spring Relax Days”. When asked how Bryan felt about the Spring Break replacement, he states, 

“Pretty awful. It’s making an already stressful semester even more stressful.” Bryan further elaborates, “And I know professors will assign work over those days so we will never have a true day off”.  

The University of Mount Union’s Academic Calendar does not list any professorial requirements for those relaxation days such as not assigning homework or scheduling big exams near them, so these days off may very well just be study days as opposed to break or time off for students.  

Junior Alana Petracci discussed the added stress to finals week with not being able to see her family anytime soon. 

“I think I would benefit from having a normal Spring Break because I would not be stressing out as much once finals week starts”, Alana states. “And I would be able to spend a full week at home with my family.”  

One student, however, was in favor of the “Spring Relax Days”. Junior Nate Teall says,  

“I think it makes more sense than a traditional week. Nobody has time to go back to work for a week so we are just all sitting around bored by the end.” Nate continues, “I’d rather have a few days here or there to catch up”.  

Given that Mount Union procedure is subject to change at a moment’s notice, the institution upheld the vast majority of its outline and planning during the Fall semester. So we are expecting these relaxation days to stand firm.  

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