Empty Parking Lot

Since classes began at The University of Mount Union last week, we have started to become accustomed to the new flipped classroom learning style. Physical class meetings have been minimized to once a week per class, and the rest of the course work is done individually online. For most students, which means simply staying in their dorm rooms during the day to get work done. Unfortunately for commuters, it means we don’t even need to be on campus at all for most of the week. 

Personally, I am only on campus two days a week this semester because of the flipped classroom learning style. While on one hand that sounds nice because it means I can save money on gas by making less trips to and from campus, on the other hand, this leads to a grievance of mine regarding Mount Union’s parking policy. If commuter students are only on campus a few days a week because of COVID-19, why is the parking permit still $100?  

While I’m sure that my situation is different from that of other commuter students, it’s very likely that other students have similar feelings. The fact is that we are being charged the same amount of money but receiving less since our on-campus time is limited. In addition, families, including my own, are still struggling financially because of COVID-19.

I understand that the purpose of the fee on the parking permit is to afford maintaining the parking lots; however, it still doesn’t seem fair to charge the full price, especially in these uncertain times when commuter students aren’t even on campus every day this semester. If I were in charge, I would reduce the price by half, bringing the pass to $50 per student to help accommodate for the new schedule put in place due to COVID-19. 

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