Many people have heard the music of Clevelands own Colson Baker, who is better known as the spitfire rapper Machine Gun Kelly. The rapper blew up back in the early 2010s with his hit Single WildBoy” and has enjoyed a meteoric rise since then, releasing four albums and a handful of EPs. But MGKs latest release is wildly unlike the others, in that it is a near total departure from his rap roots. 2020Tickets To My Downfall is MGKs embodiment of his years of love for the pop punk Genre. Having grown up in the scene, MGK had said for years that he wanted to make more of a punk album. With the help of blink-182s Travis Barker, MGK put together a cross genre album that surely stands out if nothing else. 

Opening with the song “Title Track, MGK alternates between a relaxed and vibe verse where Baker is all woe is me, Im so sad-the stereotypical mood of most pop punk songs these days. The chorus is markedly different, with a basically doubled tempo and far more aggressive lyrics.  

The next couple of tracks follow a similar vibe, with “Kiss Kiss” and “Drunk Face” both emulating the unique punk rock rap vibe that MGK produces. The fourth track “Bloody Valentine” is one of the best tracks on the album, as it is perfectly the sound that MGK should have modeled the rest of the album off of.  

The album features awesome guest performances artists like North East Ohio native Trippie Redd (“All I know), rapper Blackbear (“My Exs Best Friend), and Iann Dior (“Nothing Inside) , but the stand out collaboration on the album clocks in at the fifth track, with “Forget Me Too" Ft. Halsey. With the vibe of the first half of the album, with perfect pop punk vibes from bands like Simple Plan and All Time Low.  

The other familiar vibe that MGKTickets To My Downfall gives off stems from the heavy influence that blink -182s Travis Barker had on the album. “Concert for Aliens” is reminiscent of early blink-182 songs, with Baker in place of Tom Delonge. 

All in all, I think that Tickets To My Downfall is worth a listen, as it is definitely a departure from the Cleveland Icons normal sound, but not entirely. Give it a Listen, and see for yourself. 

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