How to Stay Positive

It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a global pandemic. The coronavirus has reached at least 169 countries, and unfortunately, it continues to spread. In times like this, we often pay attention to our physical health, but our mental health is just as important. Many of us are quarantined and practicing social distancing, but this does not have to be a terrible thing. While at home, there are many things you can do to relieve boredom and do your mental health a favor.  

Get Organized 

To start, if your work or classes have been moved to online formats, make sure you have a plan to stay on task and up to date with assignments and deadlines. It can be hard to focus while at home, especially if your entire family is there. Find a spot that is comfortable and distraction-free where you can work for the upcoming weeks.  

Organizing your personal space is important too. There’s probably a drawer or closet somewhere in your house that you’ve been meaning to clean out for years. Now is a great time to organize your cabinets and get rid of things you don’t use anymore. Chores aren’t always fun, but tasks like these will make you feel productive and check some things off the to-do list. 

Get Outside 

Practice social distancing but get some fresh air. Being cooped up in a dark house alone can be detrimental to mental health. Go for a walk or run, draw with chalk on the sidewalk, play fetch with the dog or sit and relax on your porch. It is important to get out in the fresh breeze and feel the suns rays every now and then.  

Spend Family Time 

Being stuck in a house with your family can be hard but embrace the time you have with them. A lot of us haven’t had our entire family under the same roof in a long time. Use this time to let your family know you care for them. Suggest having a game or movie night. Don’t isolate yourself from your family during this time; instead, make the best of the situation. If you don’t have trusted family at home, call someone you love and care about. Hearing a voice on the phone is much better than seeing a text. Now is the perfect time to call someone you’ve been meaning to talk with.  

Take a Break 

Currently, almost everything on social media is negative. Turn it off. Log out of Twitter and Instagram for some time. It is important to stay up to date with news, but seeing the same negative things over and over can take a toll on you.  


It’s easy to forget that we are all human. We are all experiencing and dealing with this crisis in different ways. It is important to do your part in preventing the diseaseand it is important to take care of yourself. So, do something you enjoy. Do something relaxing or fun. Maybe you could take a nice bath or play an old video game from your childhood. Try a Do-it-Yourself project you’ve been eyeing for a while or bake some cookies. Do something that will take your mind off all the negativities. Treat your mind to something happy.  

It’s okay to not be okay. Life is still going on even though the pandemic is taking over. The University of Mount Union is still offering its counseling services to students. Don’t hesitate to reach out. They can be reached at (330) 823-2886 or 

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