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Recently trending on twitter was the tweet, “what video games would recommend to someone who has not played in five years.” After seeing this tweet, I began to think what three video games I would recommend to someone who has not played any video games over the last five years? In this article I am going to target three different types of markets with each video game recommendation.

The first recommendation is targeted towards sports fans, and in this recommendation, I am going with the MLB: The Show series. The only downside of this series is it being a PlayStation exclusive, but it trumps both the Madden series and NBA 2K series for the reason of realism, features, and adaptive difficulty. When it comes to MLB: The Show it almost looks as if you are watching a live baseball game on TV, which in the long run just makes for better game play. Some of the game features that I really enjoy are Franchise Mode and Road to the Show. Franchise Mode allows you to play the role of GM for any of the 30 MLB teams, and you also have the opportunity to play every game, manage each game, or simulate each game. In this mode you are also in control every roster moves for your team! When it comes to Road to the Show you get to live out your own MLB career while you get to compete in a Showcase before the draft and then work your way up from th minor leagues in the hopes of becoming an MLB legend. You get the chance to play every hitting situation and fielding situation or adjust on how many situations you want to play! This game is also very fun for two buddies to play in Exhibition Mode just for a little friendly rivalry.

The second recommendation is targeted towards survival action gamers and this game is Fortnite: Battle Royale. This game, which is free in both the PlayStation and Xbox marketplaces, has taken the world by storm with its popularity. A simple game where you and 99 other online players are dropped onto one map and you play until one man is standing had become one of the greatest games to hit the video game market. Due to its popularity the creators have made add-on incentives for purchase so they could begin making money and it has worked. The feeling of being the last one standing is great, but the best part is getting to brag about how many wins you have with friends is by far the best part of the game. This game has taken off and it is also huge in e-sports as well!

My final recommendation is targeted for the older generation as a little throwback to childhood and that game is New Super Marios Bro U. Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch. This is a recent release for the Nintendo Switch coming out in January of 2019. It is a classic throwback to the original two-dimensional Super Mario Bros, and for anyone that had the chance to play that would love to see this updated version with better graphics and smoother gameplay. You cannot go wrong with nostalgia!

If someone were to come up to me that has not played video games in five years and wanted me to give them three recommendations these are the three games I would have to go with! If you have not played any of these three games then I would give them a try, and hopefully this article makes you think of games that you might recommend for a new or returning gamer!

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