Even though Valentine’s Day roses have not wilted yet and heart shaped chocolate boxes are still half full, pastel colors and egg-shaped Reese’s cup have taken over the shelves at local grocery stores.   

On February 13, I went to the Giant Eagle to grab a few quick things, a bag of baby carrots, spinach and bananas are all that was on my list. Remembering that it was the day before Valentine’s Day, I assumed Valentine’s Day sweets would be on sale. I ventured toward the candy aisle and instead of finding cheap candy hearts and light pink M&M’s, I found stuffed bunnies and marshmallow Peeps.  

“They shouldn’t set it out so early” said Alana PetracciAdministrative Assistant of Raider Student Media, “because people give up candy for Lent so it’s tempting. 

Lent began this week, so Easter is soon but it is still six weeks away. Easter is April 4, so the stores could at least wait until March to stock the shelves with Easter basket treats. Last year, Easter was the first large holiday that took place during the Coronavirus Pandemic that we are still in. According to today.com, last MarchIn the United Kingdom, the environmental health officers were asking store owners to stop selling the festive Easter candy because it was not essential. Now it is a month and a half before the holiday and stores are already pushing the chocolate bunnies and egg paint to the front of the shelves. 

So, is it too soon for Easter candy? Valentine’s Day just wrapped up and there is still snow on the ground. How can we be prepping for this spring holiday when temperatures are below freezing daily? Have we overlooked St. Patrick’s Day which comes in between Valentine’s Day and Easter?  

Overall, Easter candy is one of my favorite holiday treats but I will be finishing my Valentine’s Day chocolates before indulging in Easter festivities.  


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