Love, A Radio Station and Tattoos

91.1 WRMU is more than just music to some students. College sweethearts, Jarrett Hylton ‘20 and  Shannon Catanella ‘18 decided it was fitting to get the radio station logo tattooed since it was a pillar in their academic and personal lives.

So let me tell you a story about how it all started……

Catanella co-hosted a radio show with Fallon Schwab-Davis (AKA: DJ Krooze) called "The Glow". She enjoyed the opportunity to play the music she loved over the radio. One of Catanella's favorite parts of co-hosting on "The Glow" was talking about positive conversations with her best friend and sharing that with listeners.

Hylton first met Catanella his freshman year at...... you guessed it, the radio station. He had been invited by DJ Krooze to shadow her show and learn how to run his own. When he stepped in the Studio A door that night, he didn’t know he would be meeting Catanella, but they hit it off from the moment he got there.

Both Catanella and Hylton were constantly in the radio station working on shows, video editing for Dr. Cooper's classes and working on content for The Dynamo.  Little did they know, this would transform into a beautiful relationship.

It came as no surprise to anyone that their two big personalities were compatible. Not too long after hosting a few events on campus together, the two began dating. 

“Meeting Jarrett that night was the most unexpected and best thing that could have possibly happened," said Catanella. " I never expected to have gone into the radio station that night and met my soulmate.”

“The radio station was where I spent most of college," said Hylton. "Working there allowed me to find myself and gave me a healthy environment to explore creativity. Meeting Shannon was just the cherry on top!”

Fast forward from that first meeting and the couple has been blessed by a beautiful baby girl, named Scarlett Grace. Hylton continues to study hard and finish his last semester at Mount Union.  Catanella works hard in her home town in New Jersey taking care of Scarlett Grace and continuing to pursue a career path in media.

They always think back to that night in the radio station and cherish the moment they first met. 91.1 WRMU will always hold a special place in both of their hearts and now on their bodies as well. 

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