In early September, a mysterious letter was received here at the University of Mount Union. It had no return address, and the writing was almost completely unreadable. Later that month, another letter came in the mail with equally illegible writing. It still had no full return addresswhile the postage stamps on each reveal that the letters were sent from Alliance. The top left corner of each letter only contains what appears to be the name of the sender. How the post office was even able to determine that WRMU was the desired location of the letters is a mystery, but the greater mystery is what the letters actually say. Besides words, there are also some illustrations. An old television is drawn at three separate spots throughout the two letters. There are also three drawings of an arrow, one drawing of a plug-in fan, and one page is completely dedicated to a drawing of a snowman in a field of snow. 

After some time spent trying to decipher the letters, it looks as though the sender addresses us as “D. J’s” and is a fan of WRMU. The letters seem kind in nature, as they all end in “thank you.” The body of each letter varies in topic, with many being either suggestions or advice, while one contains what looks like cooking instructions. 

As of the writing of this story, no more letters have been received. But here at Raider Student Media, we appreciate that people still write to us. Some images of the letters are included in this story, so if the sender also reads the Dynamo and finds this story, feel free to comment below what you wrote. If someone else reading this story can decipher this further, your comments will be appreciated as well. We mean no disrespect towards the sender of these letters; we just cannot understand the writing and wish to know what a potential fan has said to us. 

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