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While College Punk Reviews is typically a music column, I felt that this week I was presented with an opportunity to cover something just as near and dear to my heart as music is: Food! On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Kirk’s Kitchen Food Truck will be serving students from the hours of 10 a.m.-7 p.m. with their Comfort food and home cooking.

Valorie Kirk, Owner and head cook of Kirk’s Kitchen told us here at the Dynamo that before starting her food truck with her family back in 2014, she was an educator in the town of Louisville, and that she likes the flexibility that a food truck provides when compared to a brick and mortar restaurant. 

Kirk’s Kitchen is perhaps best known, according to Kirk, for their Build Your Own Mashed Potato Bowls. The way it works is that you check off the things you want included in your bowl from a long list of ingredients, and then your bowl is custom made on the spot by Kirk and her cooks!.

At her suggestion, I rushed out to the Truck Tuesday at 10 a.m. to try the head cook’s personal favorite: a mashed potato bowl with Barbecue Pulled Pork, Roasted Peppers and Onions, topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream. What I got was essentially a loaded mashed baked potato, and it was a big ol’ bowl of goodness. The potatoes were nice and creamy, and you could definitely tell that the Pulled pork and all the other ingredients were fresh. In order to get the best flavor in one bite, I recommend mixing your bowl up to mesh all the ingredients together. The wait was pretty short too! All In all, I highly recommend this food truck, Raiders!

Kirk’s Kitchen also features noodle bowls and sandwiches on their menu, so Don’t wait to get out there and try some of Val’s top notch eats!

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